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Top 5 iOS open source libraries

14 Feb
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1. TextFieldEffect

Don’t you think that standard UITextField is a little boring? Me too — so say hello to TextFieldEffects! I won’t write too much, I’ll just show you a few examples what this library can do:
Yep, these are simple drop-in controllers. You can even make use from IBDesignables in storyboard!


pod ‘TextFieldEffects’

2. MGSwipeTableCell

MGSwipeTableCell is an easy to use UITableViewCell subclass that allows to display swippable buttons with a variety of transitions. This library is compatible with all the different ways to create a UITableViewCell: system predefined styles, programmatically created cells, cells loaded from a xib and prototype cells within a storyboard. You can use autolayout if you want.


Pod ‘MGSwipeTableCell’

3. Almofire

Almofire is an HTTP networking library written in Swift. It leverages NSURLSession and the Foundation URL Loading System to provide first-class networking capabilities in a convenient Swift interface.
Getting started with Alamofire is easy. Here’s how to make a GET request


Pod ‘Almofire’

4. Chameleon

If you are reading this, odds that you’re a better programmer than a designer are very high. This is something for you.


Pod ‘Chameleon’

5. SVProgressHUD

This image is loaded properly, don’t wait longer and don’t refresh the page. This is exactly how SVProgressHUD looks like in your app. If you need custom waiting indicator, here you have (the best probably) one.


Pod ‘SVProgressHuD’