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Mahesh shahane
13th March

Animation and Your Application!

In the previous blog I mentioned some things about User Experience! How today’s user evaluate your application on the basis of your UI? Now we will see that how can user experience will be enhanced by using simple animation.

With a little bit of modification, you can elevate your UI patterns with animation. Now, how would you know the animation is good and not overdone? Well, I will talk about that in between this discussion but, first we will talk about how can animation transform your application?

The main motive of having animation on application is to create creative interactions with user. You can apply animation on product to explain changes, draw attention to necessary actions, determine relationships between elements, and to add a little bit of fun and character to your products. But not always, sometimes animation just takes precious time and after the first initial delight the user will get tired of it, that’s why animation needs to be functional.

Be a Storyteller:

When it comes to your brand, animation you create need to tell a story likewise there are many aspects you should consider while doing animation. But again, don’t over-think it. Animation tells a story be it a moment, when it comes story, think about what users should take away – is it  to perform call to action or to remember informational?

Add Pinch of Dramatics:

Story needs to be dramatic so add some drama with pinch of exaggeration make something more dramatic in order to make a point. Create shaking notification bell, exaggeration get directs attention and makes it clear that the user should pay attention towards it.

Answer to these questions to yourself will determine the type of story you want to tell. Improving UI it doesn’t mean working on aesthetics of your application. As of clearance interface and aesthetic are totally different things. Because you don’t want an application with dancing characters; it would be too much to handle.

Make it Alive:

Animation should throw a life-like quality in your application. Motion and movement in application will only continue to grow and evolve in the years ahead.

Animation can impact positively to the success of your product and brand as a whole if used well. While animating for product, always keep in mind the animation’s functionality—every single animation should benefit the user experience in some way.

There are a ton of great animation tools like; Flinto, Principle, and After Effects. There’s also a new tool “Haiku”


In future, the situation will be more critical for regular retail stores to hold the consumer in competition with E-commerce/M-commerce.

I want to conclude by saying this that use animation to make user experience fun and delightful, so that your user want to come back to visit your application more and more. Also always keep in mind the simple is always better.


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