Cloud Kitchen and Restaurants : The Next Revaluation

Cloud Kitchen and Restaurants : The Next Revaluation

7, February 2023, 12:46 PM

Know the cloud kitchen concept, Also how cloud kitchen restaurants are changing the entire Indian restaurant landscape. You will get knowledge about the basic function, and ways of promoting your restaurant from this blog.

Are you a restaurant owner, fed up with the old business model of high overhead costs? So, don’t worry. Technology has come to your rescue. A new concept called cloud kitchen has come to your rescue. Restaurants all over the world are lashing into this concept. Even before we analyze its advantages, we must understand the basic cloud kitchen concept.

Cloud kitchen definition

Even before you begin to understand the cloud kitchen, you should know what is cloud kitchen. A cloud kitchen is a restaurant, which has no space and no dining or takeaway facility. The restaurant relies on home delivery orders or third-party orders, placed through the website. This system gives huge advantages to conventional restaurants. The restaurant owner can use more than one brand with the same infrastructure. The reason is that customers nowadays wish to order from a different restaurant if they feel it is specializing in a different cuisine. For example, if you have a restaurant specializing in Maharashtrian cuisine, then you can start a new restaurant named Punjabi delights, instead of adding Punjabi items in the cuisine.

The basic function of a cloud kitchen

1) Taking the customer’s order.

Cloud kitchen restaurants like Fassos, have various ways by which a customer can order stuff from them. There is a Cloud Kitchen POS software in the market, which helps in tracking orders. In this scenario, there are multiple restaurants and multiple orders, which are giving orders and it is extremely difficult to maintain the running of the restaurant, without coordinating software. Another way is by using telephone calls for taking orders. You will require a Call Center Panel, which will direct the orders to the correct brand and outlet. This will prevent confusion and will confirm the number of orders received for a particular brand. One more method is by using an end to end POS software. If you have multiple restaurants connected with Zomato, Swiggy, etc, it can be quite cumbersome ordering from multiple restaurants, besides maintaining their billing.

2) Processing the customer’s order.

Once you collect orders in Cloud kitchen restaurants, you need to have different cooks and chefs who attend to different brands under the same chef. The taste of each brand will vary and so, it is essential to have a POS with a Kitchen Display software. This software will display orders directly in the kitchen on a screen. This will help your staff to track all the orders, which have been prepared or are going to be prepared.

3) Hiring for cloud kitchen.

There is a specific process for hiring for a cloud kitchen setup. Since there is the only food to be delivered, it has got to be top-notch and you need an extremely dedicated staff. You will need to keep dedicated cooks for each brand. You will also need delivery boys, for delivering in-house and as kitchen helpers.

4) Vendors should be managed.

In a cloud kitchen setup, there can be multiple suppliers for all the brands or a single supplier for all the brands. In such a scenario, it is very important to take a combination of the suppliers to get the best results. Check the ingredients once. For example, if you are making chowmein, you can order noodles from a single supplier and masalas from a different supplier. If your supplier has all the ingredients like noodles, masala, etc, then it is advisable to order it from a single vendor. For saving money, we recommend that it is better to order in bulk from a single vendor, rather than ordering small quantities from multiple vendors. Also, you must finalize a list of ingredients, before giving the final list to keep a better track record of the inventory.

5) Inventory management.

In a system like that of a cloud kitchen, it is very difficult to maintain inventory by keeping different brands. However, this issue can be solved, by using POS for handling ordering and computing inventory, once a minimum quantity is given to it. You will have an idea of how many ingredients are required per brand. The idea is to calculate the number of ingredients, which are the same across all brands and different ingredients separately. You should have different storage units for different brands or give each brand its own column.

6) Advertising the restaurant.


Since there is no physical presence of this restaurant, so, we need other marketing techniques and branding strategies. Some of them are listed below.

1) Presence on the internet.

The first step in popularizing your restaurant is that it should build a very strong online presence. Make a very attractive website and popularize it on social media etc. Always add offers, rebates, and discounts. Ensure that customers have the option of providing feedback.

2) The restaurant must be integrated with all the food platforms.

Since you don’t have any physical presence, therefore you must integrate your restaurant with all the food platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda, etc. This is an essential feature of the cloud kitchen business model. You will get plenty of home delivery orders and the delivery charges will also be reasonable since these sites have their own delivery mechanism. You will also be able to attract new customers.

3) Marketing using SMS and email.

In the cloud kitchen business model, SMS and email marketing is an extremely effective tools. Always send SMS and email updates to your existing customers and potential customers. Updates can be of any kind like offers, rebates, discounts, new dishes, etc. Since you don’t have a physical presence, so email marketing can be very handy, for attracting new people.

4) You can establish joint ventures with other restaurants.

Suppose, you are specializing in Maharashtrian meals, then you can establish tie-ups with other Maharashtrian restaurants. This will enable you to provide items like Bhel along with regular meals, which will be a big boost in your business. The customers who are sitting in the restaurant will be getting information regarding your meals also simultaneously.

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