Android Or iOS Which Platform To Choose?

Android Or iOS Which Platform To Choose?

11, September 2018, 3:12 PM

Customized mobile apps are gaining momentum and the very basic rule of business growth is to have a mobile app. As referral marketing is getting a faster pace in today’s business; the faster the word travel the faster you get popularity. Having a mobile app will make that just a little bit easier plus it will give you flawless performance and friendly features. 

Today over 50% of the total world population uses mobile to access the internet i.e. around 3.6 billion people. So, with such a large number of people, having a customized mobile app for your business is one plus point. Your business mobile app is an online representative of your enterprise and capable of driving marketing campaigns in a cost-effective way. On one hand, the mobile app meets the ever-changing business requirements, and on the other hand, it can attract and retain your customers. All you need is high-quality mobile app development services.

Developing a mobile app is not all about coding, it goes beyond that. During the development process of an app developer needs to stay updated on market trends and technology and should have an idea of both the Android and iOS market. We live in an advertising world where people invest in what they see. We will never be aware of a product unless we’re informed about it. Mobile apps follow a similar logic.

As of March 2018, Google Play has 3.3 million apps, and the Apple Store has 2 million apps. The question pop’s in mind for which OS you should be developing your app, Android or iOS? Both Android and iPhone have its own benefits and flaws. Which one to choose is really a difficult question!

Android App Development:
As we all know, Android is an open source mobile operating system with the massive user base and simplified mobile app development process. Enterprises are leveraging Android and creating custom mobile apps that solve customer problems and increase value for their business.

iPhone App Development:
The app store has approximately 2 million apps as per the statistics provided by 

Apple users access the mobile store through their iPhone and iPads. While Android users have more options with phones, as well as various tablets. The variety of devices may explain, why Android has more users across the world. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your development and launch strategy. 

It all comes down to the primary function of your app and your company’s target market. It’s much easier for those of you who already have a business with an existing customer base. Look to those customers to tell you which operating system they prefer. You’ve got to find some common connections between your customers and the behavior of Apple users or Android users. Take your time, do your research. 

The iPhone users you generally find from the corporate world, CEO’s, Owners and big business tycoons etc, where they can spend a heavy amount of money on such devices though Android has the domination over the globe as previously explained. Here Android has variety in devices and prices. So developing an Android app gives you a broad arena of potential consumers. 

The iPhone app is useful to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business processes. It can improve the communication and collaboration as well. You can consult an iPhone app development company to know how a bespoke iPhone app can boost your sales and take your business to the next level. 

Cost Efficient: Hybrid App Development
There’s a third way to go that is hybrid app development. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of having to choose between Apple and Android development, building a hybrid app is the solution. The hybrid development allows you to develop on both operating systems at the same time. They get built using HTML5 and JavaScript on the web. One of the best parts of a hybrid app is that it doesn’t require any complicated coding skills. This cuts down on costs tremendously.

It also significantly speeds up the process. You won’t need to wait a year to launch your app like you would through native development. It’s all about finding the right platform to customize your hybrid app on the web. Though there are disadvantages of hybrid app development such as it may be cost-efficient but it won’t do well in performance. 

So have you decided? Which platform are you going to prefer? 
Well, that completely depends upon which audience you want to target? What is your product demand? and other important factors. In my opinion, developing an app for both Android & iOS will be the most benefitting decision. As you will be targeting a broad spectrum of an audience which always helps as the great branding strategy.

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