Beacon Technology in Modern App Development

Beacon Technology in Modern App Development

7, February 2023, 12:47 PM

Imagine getting exclusive access to special sales or personalized coupons as you walk into your favorite store. Thanks to beacon technology, it's already possible. Beacons are tiny electronic transmitters that send signals to apps installed on Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices that enter the area, allowing for a more personalized shopping experience.

For example, when you walk into a phone store, the store's beacon might send a push notification to your phone with information about special deals and whether you're eligible for an upgrade.

You don't even need a Wi-Fi connection to take advantage of beacons. This location-based technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to sensors, which then identify phones that are within the general and then sends specific, personal messages to those phones. Beacons can send information to devices anywhere, and it isn’t necessary for those devices to maintain connections to the internet or cellular signals to receive beacon communications. This means it’s easier to receive personalized coupons or helpful location information simply by enabling Bluetooth connectivity on your devices.

This amazing technological advancement is set to revitalize retail and other business in multiple ways while offering a variety of benefits for companies and consumers. As businesses continue to create new technology integration strategies, beacons' uses will likely continue to grow. Such as; create personalized messages to greet customers, guide people to specific areas or products or sending coupon offers while customers shop to expanding a business's ability to distribute helpful advertisements and promotions. Beacons elevate consumer experiences by making it easier for customers to interact with their favorite brands.

Retail is not the only industry that has the impact of Beacon but, many other industries are also hopping on to this beacon technology. Top industries like; Travel, Hotel, Food, Healthcare, Bank, Education apart from other areas where Beacon is playing a splendid role are Theme Parks, Event or Zoo.

Beacon technology has a lot more to discover for modern mobile and web apps. Several recent developments have sparked the latest boom. When there were no beacons, QR codes were used to pass information, but it was inconvenient: pulling out the phone, opening a QR code scanning app, focusing the camera on the code.

When a phone discovers the beacon and picks up the identifier, it triggers an app and the action assigned with that beacon. Using beacon technology app creators can send push notifications to users or constrain them to use location services. Google has already launched Nearby Notifications, Android feature which enables contextual discovery. Developers can now integrate an app or website with a BLE beacon or BLE- capable smart device. Android users near that device or beacon will receive a notification that leads to either an app install, a mobile website, or directly to the user’s app if it’s already installed. This functionality is built into Google Play Services, so you don’t need to change your app to start using it.

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, that retails industry is already using the Beacon technology and carving the great future for itself on the other hand Hotel industry also adapting the technology.

How can we use beacon technology to provide outstanding service while benefiting the bottom line? There is no one-size-fits answer—this is the chance to get creative and imagine solutions that fit the customers. For example, beacons can be used:

1.    To find the way to a hotel, spa or restaurant, or use beacons to build an interactive tour of the property and provide turn-by-turn directions.

2.    Language: Many guests traveling internationally may not speak English or the local language. We could create features or apps to help solve the language barrier.

3.    Personalization: Automatic notifications to their phones to enable them to facilitate targeted offers, such as a coupon to a gym near a guest’s home if that person uses the hotel gym regularly.

4.    Safety and emergencies: Help empower parents to keep track of their children on large properties. Parents can set a range and be notified if their child crosses the perimeter. In a case of emergency, Beacon can also suggest you the nearest hospital

5.    Automated check-in and checkout: Eliminate the hassle of waiting in the line of Airports and hotels.


The benefits and uses of a Beacon cannot be counted as it will get multiplied day by day and as creative we get. But few of them which I can see near the future that I have mentioned.

Truly Beacon Technology opened a completely new door of possibilities. Like the read please share your view of beacon technology and share the word.

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