Complete guide to music and video streaming services

Complete guide to music and video streaming services

17, September 2019, 6:26 PM

Get complete information about music and video streaming services, including its definition and technical requirements. You will also become aware of the most popular streaming services, after reading this blog. Nowadays, in the field of entertainment, music and video streaming have come to play a prominent role. Even before, we venture as to why and how streaming services are indispensable to the world of media and entertainment, let us understand as to what we exactly mean by streaming service.


What is a streaming service?

Music and video streaming service are defined as the process by which we can watch the music and videos live, without actually downloading it from the internet. It has proved to be a boon for people residing in remote areas and for people having limited budget and time since internet download can prove to be very expensive. So, if you wish to attend say Honey Singh's concert and you are living in Ladakh, then you can easily use hundreds of music video streaming websites to get the concert action live.


What are the technical requirements of a streaming service?

After reading so much about streaming services, you must be naturally inquisitive about the technical requirements for the streaming service. The minimum technical requirements of a streaming service are outlined below.


1) High speed internet connection.

Live video streaming requires high network speeds, for clearer videos and better audio quality. To give an example, website such as Livestream needs a speed of 700 kbps, for streaming and sites like Ustream needs a connection of around 600 kbps to stream normal video. For HD videos, the speeds should be around 2MB. 


2) Camera.

You need a high quality webcam for projecting live video streams like podcasts. Video streaming needs live action taken by a camera.


3) Hardware requirements.

a) It varies with different streaming sites. To give an example, Ustream needs around 2GB of ram. 

Other requirements include 2.3 GHz, 32-bit or 64-bit processor and dual-core. For Livestream, you also need 4GB of RAM, Pentium Core 2 Duo, 2GHZ processor.

b) Adobe Flash Player.

Adobe Flash Player is the main plugin many websites like Livestream to stream live broadcasts. This plugin is compatible with nearly all the websites like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and


c) Updated browser.

Streaming live videos using sites like Livestream or Ustream requires an updated browser. The updated browser requires plugins like Adobe Flash Player to stream videos.


Next, let us introduce you to as to how live streaming works. The procedure behind as to how live streaming works is explained in the below steps.


1) Capture.

First, the video is obtained from the source. The source can be of any type like smartphone,

flip camera, video camera, etc. Then it is fed into a device called encoder.


2) Encode.

Encoding means to chop the video source into many pieces. The original video is huge in size. To transport it easily over the internet, encoders break the videos into many pieces or packets.


3) Delivery.

In this step, the video is delivered to the end user. So, you have a pretty good idea about music video streaming and their technical requirements. Well, different music video streaming channel is available, by which we can watch all these stuff live. Let us examine them one by one.


spotify music and video streaming services1) Spotify.

Spotify is currently one of the most popular music video streaming websites, which is extremely popular among both old and young. It has millions of songs, videos, playlists, podcasts. Unlike other music video streaming channel, you can get it free initially. It can be used worldwide and on all kinds of platforms. The prices range from 9.99 to 14.99 USD / month.


2) GooglePlay play music streaming service

GooglePlay Music is one of the best music and video streaming service, currently in the market. It has a vast collection of songs. Also, there is a provision to upload 50000 songs of your choice for customizing the selection. Additionally, it has lots of music stations, playlists. There is another bonanza, in which YouTube Music and YouTube Premium is also included in the price. The price is from 9.99 to 14.99 USD / month.


3) Apple music streaming service

Apple Music is another of the best music and video streaming service, which commenced operations in 2015. There are around 30 million songs along with playlists and users can upload music and stream it on your device. Besides, there is a 24*7 live radio, with a social component, where you can track your favorite artists. This is also one of the best music and video streaming app, in which students get a 50 percent concession. The fees for students is 4.99 USD / month and for a family, it is 14.99 USD per month. This app is available globally.


4) Amazon Prime prime music streaming service

One of the best music and video streaming app which is extremely popular in India is Amazon Prime Music. It is applicable on a wide variety of platforms like Web, IOS and Android. There are additional features like streaming movies, online shopping. The content is huge with over 30 million songs. It has a seamless music playback with a voice assistant, Alexa. Users can easily manage playlists, play and pause music, queue songs by just using voice commands. Prime Music has complete Chromecast support. 


jio saavn music streaming service5) Jio Saavn Music.

Jio Saavn Music has an ad-based revenue model and users can also download songs with premium subscription. You will get an interactive UI, which is integrated with Facebook. This will enable all your friends to see what you are hearing. There is also a language filter, by which you can choose your desired language. Music streaming quality can be adjusted as per data connection. The price is only 99 per month. It supports all kinds of platforms like Android, IOS, Google, etc.


6) Gaana.ganna music streaming services

Gaana app was launched in 2010 and it quickly gained immense popularity. It has one of the largest Indian regional music collection and has endless features like sleep timer, night mode, gapless playback. You can turn off your profile if you wish to make your experience very personal. The charges are only Rs 99 per month and annual charges are Rs 999. It will support all kinds of platforms like Google, IOS, Android, etc.


For those of you, who are mainly into watching movies, there exist a plethora of video streaming services.


netflix video streaming service1) Netflix.

The pioneer among all the video streaming services. They have all the original stuff in series and movies. For example like Sacred Games, Stranger Things, House of Cards, Punisher, Orange, etc. They have four different subscription plans worth Rs 250, Rs 500, Rs 650 and Rs 800. For Rs 800, you can share 4 screens and there is Ultra HD. Rs 200 package is available only on a mobile. You can avail the first month free on all the subscription packs.


2) Amazon prime video streaming service

The next hottest video streaming service is Amazon Prime. It has a lot of originals like Made in Heaven, Goliath, etc and many other comedy shows. This service has a cool interface, which shows subtitles and also a screen character guide. There are two subscriptions for Amazon prime. One is for Rs 129 a month, while the annual one is Rs 999/-. Lots of benefits come additionally like Amazon Prime Delivery, ad-free music and access to deals. You can also access Amazon Prime with Amazon Fire Stick.


hotstar video streaming service3) Hotstar.

Another immensely popular video streaming service is that of Hotstar. It is a popular streaming service given by Star Network. It has a hell lot of content like movies, sports, and shows. It has a monthly subscription for Rs 199 and an annual subscription of Rs 999. It has a sports pack of Rs 299/-. Jio and Airtel users can watch all the soccer matches for free on their phone. But, if you need the content in English, then you need to purchase the premium pack.


4) Voot.voot video streaming service

Voot is another major online streaming service, which broadcasts all Viacom 18 TV channels. Apart from Viacom 18, they also show programs from Colors, VH1 and MTV. It shows in all languages. They also have kids and movie exclusives, on their platform. The icing on the cake is that it is completely free. It is applicable through IOS, Desktop, and Android and has one of the most user friendly interfaces.


sony liv video streaming service5) Sony Liv.

Sony Liv is another very popular OTT from Sony TV. They show very good serials like KBC, Indian Idols, Crime Patrol, etc and all the major sports events like Ashes, EPL, etc. It has 4 slabs for the subscription. First, there is 99 Rs monthly, Rs 149 for 3 months and Rs 499 for a whole year. They also have a Super Sports Pack ( Rs 199 for 6 months ). You can watch live matches free.


6) Viu.viu video streaming service

Viu is an over the top video service which is based out of Hong Kong. It telecasts Asian dramas, entertainment news, original shows. It has 20 million users globally and is available in various Indian languages. It has 3 subscription details, Rs 99 for 2 months, Rs 599 for 12 months and Rs 299 for 6 months.


hoichoi video streaming service7) Hoichoi.

Hoichoi is an over the top service, which is focussed exclusively on Bengali content. It is operated by SVF Entertainment Pvt Ltd and you can watch original shows, tv-series, and movies. You can listen to Bengali songs without interruption. There are 2 plans. Rs 799 for 1 year and Rs 2399 for 1 year. For limited access, their rates are Rs 399 and Rs 999 respectively.


8) Zee5.zee5 video streaming service

Zee5 is the OTT platform from the Zee network. It has all the content from the Zee network, including movies, shows, and news. There are original content and fresh content added regularly. There are a variety of subscription packs like All Access Pack, Tamil Pack, Telugu Pack, and Kannada Pack. It ranges from Rs 49 per month to Rs 999 per year. There are some packs for Rs 499, Rs 699 also which are applicable for 6 months.


altbalaji video streaming service9) ALTBalaji.

Alt Balaji is an OTT service from the Balaji Telefilms. It was launched in April 2017, and the content is there on Tablet devices like ( Apple iPad, Android Phone, ), Desktop browser and Windows tablet, Windows PC, Windows Mobile. The platform shows 250 hrs of original content, with new shows every month. The content also includes more than 100 hours of kids content and shows in Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil and other languages.


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