Is Web Designing Vanishing or Full Stack Developer Is New Cool?

Is Web Designing Vanishing or Full Stack Developer Is New Cool?

18, September 2018, 3:56 PM

Over the years technology changed, evolved and got better and today we are leaving in the world where typing on the computer is a mere formality. Similarly, people are moving from big devices to more compact devices that are easy to carry, we moved from browsing on desktop & laptops to tablets and Mobile phones. In all this evolution the question arises, is web designing is on the verge of vanishing?

The answer is, No! It is not on the verge of vanishing. It has just become a little bit more complex and complicated. So to be a web designer these days you need to be a full stack developer and you must be comfortable with front-end tools and back-end tools. In terms of technologies, since there is no one assigned skill set that a full stack developer can have, you should know at least one server-side scripting language (PHP, Python, Node, Perl), one subset of database technologies (SQL), and then all of the languages on the client side (HTML, CSS, JS).

Is this all sufficient to be a full-stack developer? The answer is partly yes. But having some other extra skills won’t harm you. Like;

•    Computer Networking- Understand what DNS, TCP/IP, and HTTP are and how they work together to create the internet. You should be able to change DNS records for websites, create subdomains, etc.

•    Server Administration- You should know the basics of setting up a server environment for your given stack (typically Linux and NGINX/Apache or Windows Server and IIS).

•    Optimization- Understand how to optimize specific parts of the software you are developing.

•    Security- Since your role as a full stack dev involves pushing/pulling data between the client and your server; you should understand some basics about things.

Web design is no such specialization - it’s a more general term that’s traditionally associated with building static websites, or dynamic websites built on top of an off-the-shelf content management system like WordPress or Drupal.

One of the chief advantages of being a full-stack developer is that it’s relatively easy to expand your horizons and similarly easy to explore one of a multitude of concepts in extreme depth. Taking advantage of this range to build a set of skills with amazing breadth and depth will help you develop as an indispensable part of your team.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t have a career only with web design. There are plenty of jobs which demands only web designers with the skill set required for designers. But if you are working for Start-up companies then knowing full-stack development is just another benefit. It not only just helps to boost up your career but it emphasizes your kill set out of all.


There is nothing wrong with being a web designer and possessing a certain set of skills. But there is nothing wrong in broadening your horizon either. This is not a medicine which will help you become a successful web designer in a month but rather this is just showing you how you can start off taking your baby step into this vast field of Web Development. Most of your skills come through experience only.

So, what say? Is Full Stack is new cool Or is just a passing wind?

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