How to select the best mobile app testing tools.

How to select the best mobile app testing tools.

12, October 2019, 3:57 PM

You are a young business owner and have added a mobile app like Now, you want the best testing tools for mobile apps. The reason is pretty simple. You want your apps to be free from defect and bugs. To get the best results, there should be smooth functioning of the mobile app and it should have exceptional performance. Testing is very significant since the reputation of the company and the final product depends on the product of the firm. You want real people who will do the job. Currently, in the market, there are plenty of testing tools for mobile apps. But selecting one of them of good quality is indeed a herculean task. Testing tools for mobile apps are of many types like security testing tools for mobile applications automation testing tools for mobile applications, manual testing tools for mobile applications and load testing tools for mobile applications. But the following criteria will help you in selecting the best testing tools for mobile apps.


1) Selecting appropriate platforms.


Selecting the appropriate platform is one of the most important tasks for obtaining the best mobile app testing tools. It must support your target OS, its different versions and the hardware configuration. Always choose a tool which will support multiple OS, like IOS, Android and Windows etc. Since there are many other players in the market apart from IOS and Android, so we should opt for a multi OS testing tool.


2) Refactoring requirements.


You should never use automation testing tools for mobile applications if you are going in for refactoring. You should change and refactor your mobile app for making it ready for testing. In simple terms, refactoring means restructuring the existing computer code. So, opt for a specific tool which will let you do the testing of a restructured code.


3) Building security.


You must secure your build distribution, to prevent unauthorized access by others. To give a simple explanation, you should never send a link by email. Do not share your build with testers who are not on your team. You must ensure that all the testers are working on the right build during the correct timeframes. Choose one of the reputed software testing tools for mobile applications, which will deliver your build immediately to the respective testers. Each tester will receive a notification, making your task much easier. The build access will be closed and testers won't be able to access it.


4) Error logging and results.


The tool which you select must have the necessary filters for mining long messages by their type, priority, text, time etc. Your tool must be able to track the bugs and crashes. Developers should be notified and they should be able to fix it. If you are a testing manager, then you should get the results of the success and failure of the test. The testing tool must be capable enough to review log summaries of each test. It will be much better if the tool can configure report formats based on the summaries. The tool must have a feature for editing screenshot with colours, shapes and text. If possible, there should be a video recording feature also. In video recording, you will be able to see the steps. You will also be able to go back and see what pages you visited and what buttons were clicked. 


5) Testing should be continuous.


Your test tool should always test new changes and customizations. It should give you feedback and the timing is critical. If testing is continuous then it should identify how the code changes the system. The feedback should be quick. Your test tool should be able to support the testing framework, handle issue tracking, test configuration management and report generation. Many bugs will creep in, with the layers of code that has attached itself on to it.


6) The tool must be able to integrate 3rd party popular tracking systems.


Your tool must support all solutions like Mantis, YouTrack, Redmine and Jira. The way you handle reporting and tracking bugs, will make a big impact on the result of your app's release. A good testing tool, which is also known as Issue Tracking system will easily fit into the process and track your progress continuously. The tool will let you export all the issues on the bug tracking system.


7) Use Pugh Matrix technique for analysis.


Pugh Matrix is a tool which is used to determine which item is better than others. It is used after capturing the voice of the customer ( VOC ). It is also a scoring matrix which is used for selecting the concepts in which options are assigned scores relative to criteria. The selection is based on scores. You can call this tool as criteria based matrix. The Pugh matrix is a tool used to help a team based process for generating concepts and selection. Many concepts are checked according to their strength and weaknesses against a reference called datum. The datum is the best concept at each iteration of the matrix.


8) Management of team.


Your testing tool should also provide the advantage of managing activities of testing like roles and responsibilities, task assignment, task status, feedback, reviews. For example who is the junior tester, test lead and test manager. The session of the tool will give you the necessary info regarding the tester like OS, length of the test, build number and actual results. This will lead to much quicker and faster deliveries.


Which are the best selling tools in the market?


These are some of the best software testing tools for mobile applications in the market.


1) Selenium – It is one of the most popular tools used in testing. It is used for testing web application and frequent testing. It is compatible with various programming languages and can be integrated with testing frameworks.


2) UFT / QTP – UFT is one of the leading cross platform test automation tool. It gives both regression and functional test automation for the software application. It is used to automate mobile, SAP, desktop, web, Delphi, Java, Oracle etc.


3) Silk Test – Silk Test tool is a test automation tool used for regression and functional testing. It fully supports mobile and cross browser testing. It is known for high quality test automation and high efficiency.


4) Squish – Squish is the latest tool, which is the number one when it comes to testing GUI automation. It is 100 per cent cross platform tool, which is used for desktop, web, mobile and embedded platforms.


5) Katalon Studio – It is an open source test automation tool for the mobile and web environment. Katalon studio comes as free and paid version for business enterprise and support services.


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