How to Choose Payment Gateways: Know More about Payment gateways

How to Choose Payment Gateways: Know More about Payment gateways

5, September 2018, 4:09 PM

Demand and supply is the ratio that has to be maintained to survive in the business chaos. To run the successful one you have to make sure that there is enough demand for your product in the market and it takes lots of trial and error, to succeed. In Today’s fast-forward world, we now see thousands of online business.

Online business leads to the most comfortable way of payment, and also supports the cashless economy. What makes these online payments easy and smooth; are the payment gateways. Choosing the right payment gateway is like choosing your life partner: one should have some special characteristics that you find important but in the end, it all comes down to the fact how special they make you feel and what your inner voice tells you about your choice!

What exactly these payment gateways are?

A payment gateway is a service that authorizes and processes debit/credit card or wallet for online merchants and traditional brick and mortar businesses. A payment gateway facilitates these transactions by encrypting sensitive data and transferring it between a payment portal and the bank/front-end processor.

Talking about payment gateways there is plenty of it available in the market. Which one do you want or rather than the questions is which one is best for you? Define your business needs. Define the markets you wish to attract with your product. Consider your incorporation place because this will either allow you to work with some providers or it may not be possible due to certain banking laws. Decide how much control do you want over the payments? And viola there you will get an answer to your question.

There are several popular payment gateways that customers recognize and trust, but you should also consider adding additional gateways that are less known internationally but are tailored to your target markets and countries. Different payment gateways are supported in different countries. Such as; if your market is in UAE, Oman or any other Middle East country then you can always go for, Telr, PayFort, CashU, Checkout, Pay Tabs or Hyper Pay. For the Indian market, as there is a fast growing list of payment gateways there are few that are popular such as; CCAvenue, Citrus Pay, PayUbiz or EBS etc.

The most popular payment gateways across the globe:

  1. PayPal

  2. Stripe

  3. Square

  4. Secure Pay

  5. World Pay



  8. Braintree.


Appristine gives the freedom to choose the payment gateway of choice for our customers. What kind of payment gateways we have worked on; that are enlisted below:

  1. CCAvenue

  2. Knet

  3. Instamojo

  4. Braintree

  5. CyberSource

  6. Telr

  7. Hyperpay

  8. PayPal Express Checkout

  9. PayPal Payflow Link

  10. PayU Money

  11. 2Checkout

  12. PayPal Payflow Pro

  13. Ogone Direct Link



The whole point of payment gateways is to make transaction easy, don’t let payment gateways act as a roadblock to setting up a successful online business; make sure to choose the suitable option for your online store. Your choice of gateways can limit your sales since some of them are only available for specific regions and markets. Likewise, other gateways might only accept some types of payments. Your primary goal should be to maximize the number of people that can make purchases through your store. Setting up a handful of payment gateways is usually not viable. 

I hope you have made your decision at the end of this blog. If you have any questions regarding same, feel free to ask us. Let’s figure out which payment gateway is suitable for you? If you like the read gives us like and share.

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