How to Plan Your Mobile App Development Budget?

How to Plan Your Mobile App Development Budget?

17, September 2018, 4:23 PM

Transforming a business idea to a mobile App requires a lot of brainstorming, development and testing effort which obviously requires the affordable budget. What does it cost to develop a mobile app? I have often found this question on Quora; but have you ever thought what if you get to decide the cost you are going to pay for app development. Isn’t that really great?

There are a few things that you should know before you go to any random person for the development of your app. You should be familiar with the market you are going to launch your app in. The Mobile App Development Ecosystem also has a huge impact on the budgeting. Some vital aspects that impact the price of an App are generally missed to be considered by the experts. The comprehensive list is all you require to create the estimate of your App development.

Categorize the Budget of Mobile App Development

Every step of App development comes with a cost. The stages of mobile app development primarily are consultation, market research, wire-framing, backend development, frontend development, and testing. But these are not the only things that impact the cost of the App, the timelines and quality you desire also impacts the final amount.

Deciding the feature set, the timelines of the project and the resources that are required are also to be considered as important the stages of development are. Having a clear idea on the timelines of the project will give you a clear idea of how many developers, designers, and testers will be required to carry out the project successfully. If the timelines are stringent you may require more resources that will increase the project cost.

It needs to be decided as per the marketing strategy of the client whether he requires an iPhone App, Android App as native or cross-platform. Selection of the platform makes a big impact on the development costs, testing, deployment, and marketing costs.

Cost By Parts:

The developer hours are costlier than the designer hours and the tester hours. Before you set out a budget it is important to understand the hours that will go into each stage i.e., App development, deployment, publishing, integration, testing, and quality control is a wise move to get an exact idea of the budget.


Each function or feature that is added to the App will add to the price too. Having the right set of features in the App will help you stick to the planned budget. Brainstorm well with the development and designer team to understand the resources and cost of each feature in detail.

Third Party Integrations:

Not all third part integrations come free. It is important to know the themes, plug-ins and other integrations that will impact the cost of the App. Using the pre-existing set of plug-ins and themes lowers the budgets.


According to me, having an interactive UI is very important for every App. The changing trends in UI generally lure the clients and they may ask for the high-end UI development.

Future of the App:

Generally the maintenance cost and upgrade cost of the App is considered to be a bare minimum but it is a good practice to make it clear to the client how much the both will cost. Another part that can cost you fortune is; risk-time on which no one has control over.


Once the budget is set, it is important to monitor it is being utilized in the same way. The elements that must be monitored are the man-hours, the usage of license based tools, preparation time of the project, design, style, branding and how everything is progress close to the decided outlines of the project. If you can manage this all things you can control the cost of your development.

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