Intelligence & ERP

Intelligence & ERP

31, July 2018, 12:30 PM

Software loaded with capabilities like the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and advanced analytics resonates with terms like an enhanced process for business and efficient use of resources. Well, what’s new in that? Well, nothing as such because we have already seen these technologies taking over in every industry possible.

Using cloud or integration of ERP in the online commerce is predicted as the trends of ERP in 2018. Working with software like ERP (Enterprise resource planning), between implementation you find new ways to use your software to better your business.

The scenario of today’s economy is more about the global economy as it continues to improve. The year is already considered as the year of small & mid-size companies. ERP will be the great contribution to companies of all sizes.

Also, increasing competency and the companies scaling towards growth and capital investments are to gain a momentum, now, more companies will be more likely to invest in their digital transformation initiatives. There are other contributing factors too.

Geography and limits are no more issues as use of cloud are easing the efforts of the limits of moving information, products and data. We have already seen that Enterprise resource planning software is already in function with the cloud, but it was not as that popular. There is a great potential that this trend could be the more widespread use of cloud software. Why so? Well, the main reason is you can operate it from your device as it accesses through the internet. So it is way more convenient than conventional operations.

The main thing that will attract the companies that ERP software may get integrated with online e-commerce platforms. See the question arrives in mind what will be the benefit of integrating online commerce with ERP software? It not only allows the synchronization of data for example inventory, orders, shipping, and invoices but it provides efficient operations without any error.

We are living in the world where almost everything is digitalized and with digitization comes data, can’t deny the possibility that many more companies may likely to revise their ERP system at the core of it.


Technology changing its dynamics and it’s time to change the same of your business. Well on the conclusion I will not be surprised to hear that more companies opting ERP. On the other hands the combination of Cloud ERP is going to be another high point, in short companies will be emphasizing intelligent solutions over conventional.

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