Latest Whatsapp Updates in Future 2020

Latest Whatsapp Updates in Future 2020

28, June 2019, 6:17 PM

Whatsapp, the global freeware, VOIP service, and cross platform messaging service is one of the most popular tools used in current times for contacts. Users can send text messages and voice messages, make video and voice calls and share images and documents. Whatsapp runs on mobile devices and is also accessible from Mac desktop and Windows PC. Currently, it is owned by Facebook and there are lots of WhatsApp update expected in 2020. Since it is a very dynamic company, you will get a lot of the latest WhatsApp update. Let us describe them one by one.

1) Whatsapp Business App is available for IOS.


From now on, business owners in Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, UK, USA can also use Whatsapp on their iPhone.

a) The business profile of the firm which will consist of description, picture, address of the company is clearly visible.

b) All the messaging tools are present, which consists of the FAQ, opening hours and welcome messages.

c) You will also get the option of Whatsapp We, thereby you can use the app on your desktop to communicate with your clients.


2) Users can select who can invite them to groups


Another amazing Whatsapp update is that users can select who can invite them to groups. This is extremely beneficial for those of you who desire privacy and confidentiality.


3) Security


Another exceptional latest WhatsApp update is the provision of Touch ID and Face ID. With this, you can lock your entire phone and also the smartphone, just like a biometric security feature.


4) Sticker integration.


Another incredible latest WhatsApp update is the facility of sticker integration. Whatsapp has permitted third party vendors to allow sticker integration. Google is among the first ones to avail of this facility.


5) Preventing wrong photos to be sent to the wrong contact


A new Whatsapp update ‘Whatsapp beta user’ has been launched which will prevent wrong photos to be sent to the wrong contact. This is done by displaying the recipient name while writing the caption.


6) ATM withdrawal using Whatsapp.


A bank in Brazil, Banco do Brasil has made possible, cash withdrawal using Whatsapp. This is in the list of latest WhatsApp update.


7) Whatsapp IOS version 2.19.10 has been updated.


The firm announced that Whatsapp IOS version 2.19.10 has been updated as a part of latest WhatsApp update. Users can add private answers to groups, videos, and pictures to stickers and 3D touch.


8) Cryptocurrency to be launched.


In order to curb hawala money and streamline financial transactions, Whatsapp is launching its own cryptocurrency Libra. Libra can be used by NRI’s to remit money back home.


9) Picture in Picture functionality.


Another revolutionary Whatsapp update is the provision of Picture in Picture functionality. This means that you can continue doing your work while watching videos.


10) You can share your live location


A fantastic update in Whatsapp app is the facility of sharing your live location. You can intimate the other person about your present location instantly.


11) Group voice calls and video calls.


If you wish to call three people at the same time, then you can use Whatsapp group for calling and chatting with three individuals simultaneously, with live video.


12) The provision of catchup on group chats


Suppose, you were away and you missed a group chat. Then there is a button catch-up in the chat, which tells you that you have been mentioned by someone.


13) Your status will be shared with Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and Google Photos.


Among the latest WhatsApp update 2019, you can share your status with Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos and Gmail.


Future Whatsapp updates in 2020.


Hi, Whatsapp users. A warning for all of you guys. The company has announced that it will stop supporting the app on phones running on Android 2.3.7 OS and IOS 7, after February 1, 2020.In order to continue using Whatsapp, you need to install Android 4.0.3 or above and Ios 8.0 and above. So, please quickly change or update your OS.


A new feature is coming up in Whatsapp. You will able to post ads on the Status page. Additionally, Whatsapp product catalog will be integrated with Facebook Business Manager product catalog. You will also get richer messaging format options for Facebook, from next year onwards.


So, friends, it is a very exciting time for all of you along with 1.5 billion Whatsapp users. There is a bonanza of new features being added to give you the complete Whatsapp experience. To ensure that you incorporate all these features and see the results.


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