Mobile apps for fighting climate change.

Mobile apps for fighting climate change.

7, February 2023, 12:46 PM

Climate change is the most pressing issue facing mankind today. From record heatwaves, to flash floods and severe winters virtually occurring everywhere in the world, climate change is the most pressing issue facing mankind today. There is a distinct possibility of water wars between countries and between different regions. The recent heatwave in India led to tremendous disputes between the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, regarding water. So, in order to combat this phenomenon, let us describe climate change mobile apps, which are trying to face this problem.


1) Minnesota Solar suitability analysis


Users can identify the feasibility of a location for solar panel installation by checking their home or current location and investigating solar analysis data.


2) Modeling community erosion.


Among other main climate change mobile apps, there is an app which specifically permits users to

locate sites which are vulnerable to erosion, enables users to check erosion risks and predicts soil loss.


3) Coastal Resilience 2.0


There is a unique climate change application which allows users to check risks and susceptibility to coastal disturbances like current and future storms, sea level rise, lowering risks across social ecological systems, take action for developing nature base solutions.


4) EveryDropLA


EveryDropLA is a climate change application which will allow users to identify and report wastewater, get alerts for conserving water, check water wastage around them and engage water community using social media.


5) Flood forecast


This app checks NOAA flood alerts checks specific properties which are flood affected provides correct weather reports based on user’s location and send flood alerts.


6) Save the Rain


Users should be able to save water. So, when it rains, you will able to capture the rain and use it for watering trees, cars and flushing toilets.


7) Community Resilience Interference Management


This app allows users to calculate the index of the resilience of places they choose and see the weights of the factors contributing to this. You will come to know how to increase or reduce resilience.


8) Global Forest Watch commodities


This app gives the following tools for forest management. Suitability rapper helps businesses to get degraded areas suited for forest development. Secondly, Forest Analyzer provides info on land use and land cover for controlling change on commodity concessions. Thirdly, RSPO Support tool, which producers can complete for analyzing forest change.


9) Urban heat risk explorer.


Urban heat risk explorer gives users with a better picture of heat risks in cities and how to protect oneself from high heat.


10) Unity.


Unity leads to unlimited private and public networks in a region to create changes in behavior and remove and remove traffic by allowing users to sync data to Esri ArcGIS for modal analysis. Users can also find how each mode gives in to climate change and greenhouse emissions.


11) CommunityVizWebApp


CommunityVizWebApp is a particular app which enables users to share their analysis results, greenhouse gas, and energy with their ArcGIS online organization, selected groups.


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