Snowify- Developing A Classified App

Snowify- Developing A Classified App

24, January 2019, 12:27 PM

Can’t afford a new car or a phone? Where to find? These all are old school question. Now day’s you have various mobile app or web portals where you can sell, resell or buy a product of your choice in the budget price. For example Olx, Quicker, Craiglist, eBay Classified, Dubizzle, etc.

Before the start, anything let’s just understand what exactly is the business model of such kind of classified apps as many other things depend on the business model. Business Model of such applications is defined by its scales. As I said earlier it acts as a classified portal where the user can buy and sell products/goods.

To attract the consumer base Olx spends loads of money to generate traffic on the portal or app and this traffic is used to earn revenue by monetizing the number of visits, clicks on the advertisements.

Recently Appristine Technologies has developed a similar app “Snowify” it is a same classified app available in multiple languages in Spain and some of the European countries.

Features that make Snowify exclusive from others:

  •  A wide range of categories and subcategories made the app exquisite from others.

  • Image uploading where the user can upload or see the actual picture of a product he is going to buy or sell.

  • It also organizes your search by using location which makes your search way easier.

  • The user can create his profile which helps buyer or seller to approach the consumer or seller.

  • The in-app chatting application plays a vital role in terms of concluding the deal. It gives buyer or seller the possible chance of negotiation on their terms.

  • It also features your items on the home page which gives the ultimate traffic you want for your product.

  • The most important things of all it is multilingual.

  • Integrated payment platform

Why Olx is considered as a reference to make a clone?

While collecting references from the different platform one thing was very common to eyes was each of the same category apps had the kind of similar reference to the either UI or Development.

There is no as such difference in any of the app, all have chat features, getting the seller's number, activating and deactivating the items at your will.
But if we look at the response received for the ads placed, it is much better in OLX in comparison to others.

Standards to Achieve:

So as of like any other development companies, our keen was to match up the standard set by Olx as it is the only app that got appreciated around the world whether it’s Asian market or American.

Development process:

Stages of development:

  • Research

  • Design

  • UI Design

  • Development

  • QA & Testing

  • Deployment

Technologies we used:

  • Website: PHP & Codeigniter framework

  • Android: Android native

  • iOS: iOS Native

  • Database: MySQL

  • Server: Cloud Hosting.

Cost & time estimate

Cost is crucial, that depends on various factors and how the customer would like to build it. It cannot be determined on the basis of features or complexity.

Here are some pointers with you can analyze how much you need to spend:

  • What audience are you targeting, Android and iOS both or just either one?

  • Do you need both design and development or only development?

  • Do you also want the QA and Testing of an app?

  • Are you vouching after sales extended support

  • What is your budget?

  • Are you comfortable to hand over your project to a freelancer or you want to complete a professional development agency to handle your product?

 All these factors or more of them affect on costing and time frame of the development process and can vary accordingly. 


“Appristine is not just a tech developing company but a partner. They are reliable, trustworthy and good at what they do. I will recommend them without hesitation to other companies. Appworld is still working closely with Appristine and we value that working relationship.

"This Company has really and awesome team. we have developed 2 websites with them and one of them is a huge magento ecommerce with many complicated details. Appristine was very patient with our requirements and carried on all details. I recommend them

I am really impressed how fast and professional was the work done from these guys. The cooperation and comunication was even better than initially expected which helped a lot for solving all of the open points. I will continue using Appristine Technology for the current system as well as for some furure projects!

5 Star rating, my experience with Appristine has been amazing so far. they create what they promise. I am looking towards long term work relation with them. Keep it up guys.