5 Trends That You Should Adapt In Mobile App Development For 2018

5 Trends That You Should Adapt In Mobile App Development For 2018

26, January 2018, 10:29 AM

Before this year-end, our team spent the past few months on the analysis of our own business strategy and how it will resemble to continue changing vista of mobile and the IoT. Now, when we look back at 2017 and contemplate what might come in the next year. It is as simple as anyone can predict that the trends are going to change; the attraction of this year can be different from previous. This year we have earned a reputation as the best mobile app development company in India, learned a lot and served this course of the year with a satisfactory number of happy clients.

As a consumer, we always prefer user-friendly technologies. Last year we saw some amazing features in the world of mobile app and IoT such as; AMP technology, cloud base apps and many more. Development of mobile app and IoT this year will more about intelligence.

1. The amazing VUI

Voice commanding is not a really big thing as we are already familiar with Siri and Google assistant but it might give a new turn to the development pattern. As a Smartphone user, we tend to and use to with voice commanding which shows that this year can be the year of voice user interface, though it will not affect the graphical user interface.

2. There Will Be Lots of Fun with AR

As now AR is no more limited for certain device user because it can be experienced with a Smartphone in your pocket. Last year subject of talk Pokémon Go which brought Augmented Reality into the common user's hand and exploded the audience mind; this year AR will break more barrier. So, there will be lots of fun in Game development this year.

3. On-demand apps will rule

There was a lot of talk about on AR but there was a huge demand of non-game applications as there was an increase in non-game audience, the demand is mainly generated due to some online streaming apps such as Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and many more.

Talking of Indian audience the chances of the on-demand app will expand to more of day-to-day need.

4. Security Matters

This year developers will see the large push towards security. Talking about security it seems crucial; with concern to payment gateways, banking and list go on. But both the bulls in market apple and Google have promised to make security as the issue of priority.

5. Mobile Payments/Wallets

Comparing to past 5 years the online shopping successfully burst the bubble of the traditional market and we certainly noticed some huge online transactions through mobile payment. Speaking of, around the world according to Juniper research 1.5 billion wallets were in use in 2017. Also, there has been a remarkable deflection towards m-Commerce which will compel developers to seek out the m-commerce client.

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