Voice Command- The New Thing

Voice Command- The New Thing

9, October 2018, 12:19 PM

Voice command was or you can say is the new thing in 2018. Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri these are voice-enabled digital examples. These digitalized voice assistants are the best assistant you can get for e-commerce or food ordering application or also be useful for marketing to engage the customer.

This is certainly one of the best things happen in the decade to the marketing industry. Throughout the customer journey, marketing organizations can engage their customers on voice assistants by creating voice applications.  In the Alexa world, these apps are called “skills”. In the Google world, they are called “actions”. Voice apps allow brands to provide functionalities that are not native to the voice assistant in the same way that mobile apps extend the functionality of a mobile device. 

Voice ordering will mainly affect the interaction between brands and consumer. It’s predawn of complete voice command dependency isn’t that exciting? Different voice assistants are playing major roles in the commerce industry to support consumer services, it also enables a completely new way of building engagement, sales, and relations with the consumer for brands.

Till 2020 voice assistants will occupy the whole e-commerce industry by looking at the statistics of 2017.  As it is predicted that the growth in the voice ordering or voice assistants will be mostly steady in 2018 and 2019, because of one main reason; all voice assistants are mobile.

Consumers are getting vocal.

As shopping continues to evolve from brick-and-mortar stores to computers to smartphone and, now, to voice-activated devices like Amazon Echo, conversational commerce is gaining popularity due to its ease, allowing us to shop using just our voice. Consumers are embracing voice technology for efficient shopping activities, like creating shopping lists, receiving sales announcements, finding stores and product information, and placing orders.

Apart from e-commerce, the other industry will see the rise of voice assistant is restaurant industry. Till now we were familiar with the different modes of ordering food like through Mobile app, website or direct call on provided service number. As we all are much familiar with different food ordering app s like Zomato, Swiggy, and FoodPanda etc. It will be way easy to order food through voice assistants.

Dominos is the worldwide famous Pizza delivery chain who initiated voice ordering in 2014 via Mobile apps.

The voice assistants market is growing rapidly with companies rolling out more and more features to increase convenience for their customers. Around 9 million smart speakers were sold in the first quarter of 2018 globally; that’s tremendous growth compared to 2.9 million speakers sold in 2017. The industry will experience a huge shift in the upcoming years – very similar to how it happened a decade ago when mobile apps started to gain traction.


It was easy to see that voice was the next big platform during 2018 with so many companies integrating both Alexa and Google Assistant into their products. Soon, consumers will be able to perform tasks anywhere in their home or even their cars with just their voice.

While voice may be the new touch, companies often forget that voice is just one input method to achieve specific goals. Instead of treating voice as its own platform, marketers, and app developers have to think of voice as complementary to other platforms except for Food Ordering and E-commerce.

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