Wearable's:Enhancing The Experience Of Wearer's

Wearable's:Enhancing The Experience Of Wearer's

16, August 2018, 1:26 PM

Today, the wearable technology market consists of clothing, earware, wristbands, eyewear and clip-on devices, and is expected to expand even further. Now that consumers are aware of the benefits these products can provide, the industry is working to improve and enhance the wearer’s experience. According to data from the International Data Corporation, the wearable industry is anticipating doubling by 2021.

There are various categories in wearables such as fitness, sports watches, and head-mounted displays. Wearables can be used for fitness tracking, treatment for hearing impairment, navigation tool, sports tracker, monitoring health, media, and communication.

Broad Arena Of Wearables:

Just when we were getting better and better by each day at building mobile apps, we have also had to embrace the innovative possibilities presented by wearable technology. Initially, wearable’s such as the Fit bit gained popularity through their ability to monitor the steps a person took throughout the day.  Wearable technology encourages wearers to be more engaged in their health and lifestyle choices. This market is growing at a rapid pace. In contrast to a one-time blood pressure reading at an appointment, wearables provide data taken over a period of time, such as sleep patterns, heart rate, and activity levels. This additional data can help alert doctors to issues that wouldn’t have been apparent otherwise.

In addition to being a health monitoring accessory, wearable technology like the Fitbit has begun partnering with major fashion labels to make their designs not only more aesthetically pleasing but also to transform their own brands into stylish jewelry. Wearable tech began at the wrist, it has now branched out to encompass all parts of the body and all design pieces, from wristbands, ankle bracelets, necklaces, glasses, and shoes.

The wearable technology is being used in professional sports also. The devices are even used in t-shirts to know the power, heartbeat and the position of all the player and the coach can monitor it.

There can be a misconception that wearable tech is mature now and entering it’s the boring phase where a handful of huge companies build frighteningly similar devices and compete on the teeniest of differences. That’s not the case at all; in fact, there are many startups who are developing Wearable technology in competition to big names.

If you want to build your own wearable you can build it too, just have to remember few things:

  1. What’s the reason/ purpose of your device?

  2. As wearables are meant to wear on body parts, it is critical to managing UI in on such small screen space. You have to keep it simple.

  3. You have to keep it updated.

  4. Tend to provide the high-end user experience.

  5. Whatever device you are thinking must be prominently energy efficient

Companies like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi are making a market in wearables after smartphones.

Apple has introduced the third Generation watch which attracts people due to its new features and makes people invest in wearable gadgets. Apple has introduced LTE in the third generation watch. Apple has maximum shipments.

Apple is going to launch series 4 with more feature like blood pressure measurement. Apple always changes its designs but here the design for series 4 is also the same. It is expected that the watch will have a round face, unlike normal watches. We need to wait what more apple adds to series 4. Do we get the camera on watch this time?

Samsung focuses more on health wearables. Samsung’s  S 3 Gear attracted users because of its long battery life. Samsung has also introduced Gear Fit 2 pro. Samsung is also finding its way in sports. Maybe we will get to see something new from Samsung, its planning to launch new wearable devices to steal the market from Apple.

Fitbit has introduced fitness bands like  Fitbit Altra HR, Fitbit charge 2, Fitbit Flex 2 that gain popularity.  Fitbit provides features such as heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring. Fit Blaze design was attractive. Its four-day battery life access to Fitbit's gallery app and Fitbit pay made it popular.

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