What is 5G and what are its main features and effects?

What is 5G and what are its main features and effects?

7, February 2023, 12:46 PM

What is 5G?


5G network is a digital cellular network, which the area covered by providers is divided into small areas called cells. Analog signals standing for images and sounds digitized in the phone converted from analog to digital converter and transmitted as a stream of bits. All 5G wireless devices in the cell interact by radio waves with a local antenna array and transmitter and receiver in the cell. It is transmitted over frequency channels assigned by the transceiver from a common pool of receivers, which is reused in separated cells. The local antennas are connected with internet by optical fiber having a large bandwidth or wireless connection.


What is the need for 5G?


You must be wondering why there is at all a need for 5G. Well, the answer is technological innovation. Who wouldn’t love to download a HD movie in 30 seconds? Well, 5G is expected to have a much larger impact on our society, apart from merely improving 5G speed.


1) 5G is expected to have a fundamental impact on IoT and automotive industries.

2) New revenue streams are supposed to be generated. 5G is expected to generate up to 12.3 trillion USD worth of revenue across various industries.

3) 5G is expected to create lots of jobs. 5G’s output from device OEMs, content and application developers, network operators, infrastructure providers, technology and component providers. 5G will support 22 million jobs globally.

4) 5G will drive the innovation of new products and services.

5) 5G will introduce new roles for intermediaries in the value chain, by using different networks to make connectivity for specific industries. 5G will affect players upstream in the value chain also.


How 5G will affect you in the future?


5G revolution in the future is the next big thing. 5G will have a profound impact on the lives of human beings, be it children, grown ups and old people. The impact of 5G on society will be done in the following fields.


5g in bankinga) Banking.


1) There will be no use of a password.

5G will lead to direct access to one’s account without the need of a password. So, it will go a long way in reducing the requirement for a password.

2) Mobile payments will become much more prevalent and widespread.

Due to 5G, digital payments will become much more widespread. So, it will go a long way in curbing black money and reducing cash circulation.

3) Big purchases will be done efficiently.

5G can help immensely in making big purchases like a car from a local dealer store. All the major processes like credit check, application, approval, and funds will be done in a single click. If you need a home loan, then 5G will make the entire process digital.

4) Mobile banking will get a good boost.

Mobile banking will get a huge boost, with the advent of 5G. This will be especially a boon for people living in far flung areas. They will easily be able to access financial advice, virtual customer service and wealth management service.

5) Boost in fraud prevention.

5G will lead to more data traveling in networks in real-time and therefore, greatly enhance fraud prevention. As soon as the user initiates a mobile payment, banks will be able to check data like geolocation, merchant ID and transaction amount. So, lesser no of genuine transactions will be declined at the point of sale.


b) 5G impact on health. 5g effect on health


1) Large image files will be transmitted.

Large image files like MRI will be quickly transmitted with the use of 5G. This will lead to high quality care and wider access.

2) Real time remote monitoring is enhanced.

With the help of IoT devices, healthcare providers can check patients and collect data which will improve preventive care. Since 5G technology, which has higher capacity and lower latency, healthcare systems will provide remote monitoring for patients, at a much faster pace.

3) AI.

AI is being used to predict diagnosis and decide on the best plan for the patient. AI will help to predict which patients will have post operative complications. You need a large amount of data for high bandwidth networks. Using 5G, healthcare will be able to use AI tools.

4) AR, VR and spacial computing will be enhanced.

5G will increase doctor’s ability for delivering enhanced and less invasive treatments. It will be used in simulating complex medical scenarios.

5) Telemarketing is greatly enhanced.

Telemarketing is the thing of the future, especially for people living in remote areas. It involves the use of high quality video. Using 5G, doctors can use mobile networks to handle telemedicine appointments.

6) Holographic monitoring of heart scans, liver scans, surgeries, and digestive scans will become

much more popular, compared to body length scans.


5g in educationc) Education.


1) Smart classrooms IoT saves valuable time.

IoT on 5G saves a lot of time for teachers. Teachers can automatically log on after entering the classroom immediately. Small administrative tasks will be automated and feedback delivered by the students digitally. Signals will remain strong throughout lectures and presentations, due to 5G.

2) Educational videos will be downloaded in seconds.

All your favorite educational videos will be downloaded in seconds using 5G. Important material from Slideshare, Udemy will be at your fingertips.

3) Mixed lessons using AR and VR will become very easy.

Mixed lessons using VR and AR will become very easy due to 5G. Since this requires high bandwidth and low latency, 5G will do the job in a much better way. Students can visit the body of humans using VR. Using AR, they can explore touch, zooming, and pinching using Earth’s layers as fast as possible.

4) Flexible learning.

For students learning through correspondence and sitting outside the classroom, 5G can prove to be a great boon. It will help to deliver the lessons with much greater security and accuracy.

5) Lots of help for students with special needs.

Students with special needs like ones with hearing and speaking disabilities need full time and frequent assistance from their teachers. 5G will help robots to help teachers and become full time assistants by responding immediately, in solving their learning exercises.


d) Entertainment.5g in entertainment


1) New media entrants.

The introduction of 5G will definitely allow new entrants in media. For example, at Consumer Education Society forum, telecom providers announced partnerships with content creators. Walt Disney told a collaboration, which would see 5G tech applied to improve studio production workflows.

2) Games developed by cloud computing.

Games developed by cloud computing require very high speeds for effective display. Large amounts of data need to be transmitted with the lowest latency for an ideal experience. Using 5G, difficult processing is done at a centralized server and given seamlessly to the consumer.

What are the features of 5G?


The key features of 5G are outlined below.

1. Latency is very low. It is only 1 millisecond. It's defined as the time it takes from the information of origin to destination.

2. There will be 100 % coverage.

3. The bandwidth will be 1000 per unit area.

4. An IoT device has 10-year low power life.

5. The download speed is extremely high, approx 10 GB per second.

6. Energy consumption is reduced in the network by up to 90 percent.

7. The number of devices connected increases from 10x to 100x.

8. 5G networks use security standards like SE, OTA, HSM, and KMS.

9. Energy efficiency and spectral efficiency is fantastic.

10. Very low battery consumption.

11. There is widespread availability of multiple data transfer rate.

12. Very high level of security.

13. 1Gbps data rate is easily possible.

14. Network availability is 99%.

15. You will get the option of custom network slices.


Is 5G harmful?


5G, though revolutionary has quite a bit of dangerous effects. So, lets us list the points and check the question, ‘Is 5G dangerous? What’s an issue with cell signals?

Radiation is defined as the energy emitted from any source. Radiation is of two types, ionizing radiation, and nonionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation includes X rays, UV rays, and gamma rays. Energy radiation from can pull apart atoms and breaks chemical bonds in DNA. This can cause cancer. Nonionizing radiation has bigger wavelengths and lowers radiation. 5G has more of nonionizing radiation which can damage cells leading to cancer. Secondly, 5G networks use millimeter wave frequencies which need small towers every few blocks, which people fear will increase exposure to tower radiation.


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