What Might Attract VC Firms In 2018?

What Might Attract VC Firms In 2018?

24, January 2018, 11:36 AM

Launching a business? Then you must have considered the pros and cons of it. Which mean you are prepared to take a dive? You might have gone through each and every blueprint of your business in your mind but, have you consider the state of the vertical you are diving into?

Yes, it does matter, It’s a technological era; you have to reconsider all possibilities before you start.  You just can’t start another Uber or Ola, unless you can make cab travel in the air! Why not it can happen in future, jokes apart; many sectors around us are on the stage of evolution which imposes that your little worm of business plan might work out!

It might be E-commerce, Healthcare, Edtech or Fintech.

Talking about investing ventures capitalists, startup India has completed 2 successful years! The startup has made a huge impact on the year 2017 as there was a really big shift in the numbers of emerging startups and opportunities. 2017 was an interesting year for the venture-backed class, whereas private tech companies have lagged in keeping up.

Venture capitalists are the biggest and important part of startups ecosystem. Once a startup reached its growth stage, and now where scalability matters and when it’s most important requirement is strong financial backing by reliable investors with ample amount of funding to scale up the business.

Though the startup has gained momentum recently, the number of investors willing to show their trust and invest in new ventures is very less compare to the growing startup. After doing lot’s reading and study we have prepared a list of industries you should consider to collaborate your idea with.   

Artificial Intelligence

Last whole year there was lots of talking about Artificial Intelligence, it may take a hike in 2018, and some also made a prediction that industry may cross the number of 16 billion dollars by 2021. Well, it may, because day-by-day machine learning is getting very much commonplace technology. It is the most come-in-handy tool. It can be used for diverse applications such as; virtual assistance. The most famous application of this technology is the automated customer service representatives on live chat, in layman language “Chatbot”. As well AI also can be used for the real-time application. The industry promises the good for human society that indicates the AI industry poised for explosive growth.

And who will refuse a media player that can recognize your mood and play the music according or a mobile app which can clear your confusion about which restaurant to go on weekends!

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Mixed reality has already tightened its roots in an entertainment sector. Though it can give benefit to business purpose in the same manner. In previous two years, we have seen this technology at the boom in gaming industries.

VR also is getting too familiar with the healthcare vertical, it is expected that the industry will grow up to 5.1 billion USD by 2025. VR in the healthcare market is mainly driven by surgical simulation, patient care management, and diagnostic imaging. AR and VR in medical provide the enhanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology of human body.


The credit for the explosion of cryptocurrency goes to most popular digital currency Bitcoin. But there are other big players in the cryptocurrency market- Litecoin, Ethereum etc.

Initial coin offering exploded both in number and funding value through 2017. While there are often warnings of the markets significant volatility and the inevitable collapse of some coins but there is much speculation at this point, while volatility is very real. There are coins that provide real use value on which serious businesspeople are banking on.

After introducing blockchain technology which allows digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology created the backbone of a new type of internet. It was originally devised for the digital currency transactions. But there are other uses of blockchain technology that might useful to your business.

The next idea might be yours!

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