Will AI have good demand in the future?

Will AI have good demand in the future?

7, February 2023, 12:46 PM

Artificial Intelligence is the next hottest buzzword after the internet in the field of technology. For those who are new to AI, it can be described as machines which are as intelligent as humans. Artificial intelligence is essential of 3 types, namely analytical, humanized AI, human-inspired. Analytic AI is consistent with cognitive intelligence. Human inspired AI has elements from both elements intelligence and cognitive intelligence. It is used to understand human intelligence. Humanized AI has all types of intelligence emotional, cognitive and social and is self conscious.


Features of AI


Artificial Intelligence analyzes its environment and takes action for max success. AI development often involves algorithms. An algorithm handles a set of instructions, for the system to execute. The basics of AI development are stated as follows:-


1) Machine Learning.


Machine Learning is a new branch which gives the machines the ability to learn a task without doing pre existing code. The most common example of ML is Quick Draw. It is a Google hosted game which will let humans draw basic pictures under 20 seconds. The machine learning algorithm

trying to guess the drawing.


2) Deep learning is involved.


One basic example of deep learning is Google’s AlphaGo project which is written in C++, Lua, and Python code. The Alpha Go AI is used to beat Go players.


3) Neutral networks apply for a natural model.


Deep learning is made by neural networks. They copy neurons or brain cells. An artificial neural network simulates the processes of interconnected brain cells. Neural networks have three layers of an input layer, an output layer, and a hidden layer. These layers have lots of nodes. Information is given into the input layer. Inputs are given a particular weight, interconnected nodes multiply the connection weight.


4) Black box.


AI application development consists of a black box. A black box consists of complex math. So, humans don't care how the machine came to this result.


5) Natural language processing.


When you train an AI to interpret human communication, it is called natural language processing. It is very useful for translation services and chatbots.


6) Reinforcement learning.


Another important part of AI application development is reinforcement learning. It consists of teaching a machine. You will give an AI an unspecific target. The AI will then run scenarios and report output, which you will evaluate. If unsatisfied, you will give the feedback to the AI and adjusts the next scenario and give better output.


7) Learning without supervision.


In unsupervised learning, the machine is given a list of data. Then it can find as many patterns, it can.


8) Turing test.


Turing test is a technique by which a human can be fooled by a conversation, between a human being and AI. It has become a shorthand for AI. This AI will make a person into believing that,

they are interacting with a real person.


Future of AI application development.


1) AI in agriculture.


Since the global population is growing day by day, there is a huge increase in the requirement of food production from the same amount of land. Observing this, robots are increasingly being used in all kinds of tasks like seeding, field mapping, aerial data collection, planting, irrigation, harvesting, picking, milking and shepherding.


2) Smart campuses.


AI is playing a pivotal role in smart campuses. In China, for instance, facial recognition tech has already replaced ID cards in many universities. 5G internet is providing ultra connected campuses.

American University has designed a new app called Tour Au. It is available through the Apple App Store and Google App store. Users can explore campus throughout 360 degrees videos. Additionally, digital assistants are replacing humans to live interaction with the students.


3) Micro mobility.


Micro mobility is the latest fad in the field of AI. Micro mobility is defined as a system in which small vehicles like electric scooters and docked dockless shared bikes. Bird, a firm in California, is providing electric scooters which are equipped with a minicomputer and connects it to its software platform. The minicomputer tracks all the scooter’s movements, locks and unlocks the wheels and throttle scooter’s speed and motor remotely. The charge is 1 USD for rent an extra 15 cents to 20 cents for a minute of use.


4) Artificial Intelligence in Retail.


Another big area where AI will make a lot of dents is in the field of retail. Many leading brands like Levis are relying on visuals to help customers obtain personalized experiences. Donde has a visual search tech which will increase purchase. The leading site, Pinterest has a new feature which combines text-based and visual search to provide customers with better results.


5) Taking care of the elderly.


Elderly care is one very significant area, where AI can play a big role. Already in countries like Japan, due to the booming elderly population, home robots are being employed to perform all the tasks, like cleaning, nursing, etc.


6) Robots acting like friends.


You will be surprised to know that in countries like Japan, due to a shrinking population, many people are using robots as companions. In fact, a Japanese company has designed a companion robot ‘Pepper’, which will act as a friend for many lonely people.


So, you can see that AI has a big scope in the future, both in terms of quality and quantity. It is indeed a boon for humanity.


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