Augmented Reality Technology and its Potential Consequences

Augmented Reality Technology and its Potential Consequences

27, August 2019, 3:08 PM

For several years now, you and I are hearing and discussing a lot about AR. But, if you are new to the scientific world, then you must be wondering what exactly it is. Well, Augmented Reality definition as per textbook is stated as follows. The objects which are in the real time world are increased by computer generated perceptions. This includes auditory, haptic, visual and olfactory. The sensory information can be destructive or constructive. But, why suddenly this whole hype about AR. To comprehend its implications, let us describe the revolutionary impact of Augmented Reality technology on our daily lives.


augmented reality in automotive industry1) Automotive industry.

One of the most significant impacts of AR is in the automotive industry. It will surely change the way, in which we buy and drive cars.

a) Test drive.

By using AR, users can drive a car without being present in the car at all. The person will be able to see the world, outside the window by giving them an experience of driving the car. You will also be able to see the rest of the car by moving it 360 degrees. This will be done by using a smartphone camera and an Android App.

b) Exceptional support services tool.

AR is changing the customer services field. A new concept has emerged known as Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance ( MARTA) which will demonstrate to the technicians, how virtual and real parts are shown in a 3D way and their interrelation.

c) Road rage will be reduced.

Suppose there is a familiar traffic jam on the streets of Delhi or Mumbai, and you want to go ahead. A digital sign will flash “Going to the hospital”.

d) Car design.

Using AR, car manufacturers can assess or modify the parts in the early stages, which will lead to reduced time and cost while launching. Some firms like Volkswagen are using spatial augmented reality for comparing virtual data with vehicle design, for analyzing the components.

e) Digital showrooms.

Many car firms nowadays are launching digital showrooms where cars are displayed and sold, without the presence of any sales executives.


2) Education.augmented reality in educations

Augmented Reality technology is likely to have a major effect in the field of education.

a) A simple explanation of abstract and complex concepts.

Students can understand difficult concepts much better when explained using AR. 3D models are extremely beneficial.

b) No extra gadgets required.

Since the majority of students nowadays own a smartphone, so they can easily learn using AR. You don’t require any more gadgets.

c) No requirement for physical labs.

Students can do all kinds of work, without using the physical lab. This is especially true for students who are pursuing medical courses.

d) Learning is great fun.

One of the major applications of AR is in the field of gaming. To give you an example, there is a company Study Marvel, which has launched Immersive Chemistry which is a type of augmented reality games. It is demonstrating basic concepts in chemistry using animated games.


augmented reality in healthcare3)Healthcare.

Augmented Reality will have a widespread impact on healthcare. The below points will give you a brief idea of the impending changes.

a) Medical access is greatly enhanced.

The most revolutionary impact of AR in the medical field is in telemedicine. AR is greatly influencing the field of consultations. For example, in the field of surgery, there is a Proximie App which uses Augmented Reality to complete long distance surgeries, with the help of a specialist who is using AR tools to collaborate with colleagues.

b) Training is enhanced.

Medical training has received a boost with the help of Augmented Reality. Some of the main applications which have been affected, ranging from anatomical learning to live, 3D visualizations, helping trainee nurses in checking vital signs. With the usage of augmented reality games, it creates a highly interactive experience with a mixture of sensory inputs and aids retention.

c) New technology is adopted.

One of the major issues confronting healthcare system is the adoption of new technologies. AR can be a big boon since it can alleviate the need for buying new equipment and promotion.

d) Medical practice is assisted.

Even for common daily procedures, AR apps can help a great deal. For example, Proximie App will show 3D visualizations of internal organs and an anatomical cross section on to a patient. You will able to view electronic medical records being automatically displayed on the device, as the doctor checks the patient. There is one more app called AccuVein, which helps doctors check veins for cannulation.

e) Patients are greatly empowered.

Apart from doctors, patients are greatly empowered with the use of AR. To give you an example, there is an Eye Decide App which tells the structure of eyeball by using 3D.

f) World class treatment is delivered.

Another area where world class treatment is being delivered with the assistance of AR is physiotherapy. The basic concept is that digital demonstrations are mapped directly with the motions, which people perform as a part of therapy.


4) Travel and tourism.augmented reality in travel and tourism

Travel and tourism is the next big thing expected to be affected by AR. Globally, the tourism and travel industry is valued to be around billions of dollars. The main areas where AR is expected to have the maximum effect are listed as follows.

a) Interactive elements in the hotel.

Many hotels throughout the world have implemented Augmented Reality apps. The Hub Hotel, from Premier Inn, made wall maps available on their smartphone and tablet. The maps include additional places of tourist interest.

b) Tourist destinations augmented.

Nowadays, some travel firms have implemented amazing apps in their systems. For example, if you point your phone at the Great Wall of China, then you will instantly get to see its information.

c) Games have been added to the travel app.

Augmented reality games are now being introduced in a big way in travel apps. A new app has been designed which allows users for redecorating rooms and another one in which there are virtual celebrities inside the hotel.

d) Push notifications using AR apps.

Another major area of innovation using the AR app is push notification. This means that when customers enter a specific location, they will get offers, menus, maps, vouchers related to that place.


augmented reality in advertising and marketing5) Advertising and Marketing.

Another area where Augmented Reality technology is expected to have a revolutionary impact is in the field of advertising and marketing.

a) Increase leads.

Today, the buzz is for experiential marketing, for increasing leads for your business. Augmented reality is playing a major role in attracting and converting clients, by using experience based marketing. This will range in many fields from granite countertops to plastic surgery.

b) Interactive experiences are created.

Companies will be using AR for storytelling about their brand and firms. This will make the customer’s experience much more interactive and thereby increasing sales.

c) The gap between print and digital output is removed.

Marketing professionals will improve their real world experiences digitally, after adopting Augmented Reality technology. This will lead to increased engagement time with the customers. For example, virtual stores are created which will help customers decide on the spot.

d) The entire shopping experience will be customized.

The customer’s entire shopping experience will be customized, due to the changes in colors, timing, placement and avatars.

e) E-Commerce will be revolutionized.

AR will also have a significant impact on the field of E-Commerce. Brand engagement is much better, due to the introduction of AR. To give you an example, RayBan used AR to let new customers try sunglasses, with the help of an Instagrammed post, for purchasing directly.

f) Virtual fundraising.

Fundraisers could use AR for showing their commitment to their cause, say for example helping a village looking for drinking water.

g) See new products and services.

For curious customers, Augmented Reality technology can help, by giving them 360 degree view of the product, before actual purchase. This will help them immensely in getting actual product info.



AR vs VRar vs vr

There is a lot of confusion regarding augmented reality versus virtual reality. AR essentially adds digital elements to a live view using a smartphone. VR means a complete experience with no connection to the real world. AR is used in apps in smartphone and tablets. AR apps will use your camera’s phone and show you the view of the actual world. Next, the information layer is put, including text and images on the view top. Example of AR apps includes game Pokemon Go. You will also be able to find restaurants and see real estate listings for sale. Concerning VR, it essentially consists of wearing a headset like Oculus from Facebook. It can be used in the following ways.

1) To create and develop an imaginary reality for entertainment and gaming.

2) To impart training in a real life environment by creating a simulation of reality.

VR is identifiable by a coding language accepted as a Virtual Modelling Reality, which can be used to generate image sequences.


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