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Rushikesh Shinde
25th April

It is no more E-commerce , it’s M-Commerce!

Technology has gone far in terms to serve human for good! Is the most pathetic line to start this article, because almost all sectors have witnessed a drastic change in technology, and at this point everybody is certain that technology is going to evolve every another second. second.

Considering E-commerce; the sector has seen a huge shift of technologies over years, which represents that how far we have reached. From booking a cab to ordering food, from buying groceries to acquiring various services online with just single touch, we have seen how cheaper connectivity and growing penetration of Mobile apps can transform businesses and lives.

If we go through the journey of  E-commerce, will see a lot’s of ups and high but, it was before 2010. 2009-10 it was a period when E-commerce industry was trying to burst the bubble in India..

Accessing the online stores, from weigh heavy laptops and computers is long gone and replaced by compact and more portable mobile phones.

Technological Impact:

In the last year, there was significant growth in the online sale, E-commerce sector was definitely was under fundamental changes; most of them were technological and now online marketing is omnipresent in regular life. However, everything is not about technology; but as well as consumer behaviors and expectations. Whereas some technological innovations are the addition to growing business such as; augmented reality and Virtual reality, they are finally becoming our reality. Perhaps one of the most exciting technological developments in e-commerce is one we are already known of and some of us experienced – drone delivery .

Drones were introduced back in 2013, but everyone predicted that, actual drone delivering product, will at least take 5-10 years.

Drone technology  allows delivering packages much more efficiently and quickly, it can be sent out from distribution centers and can travel directly to the delivery addresses provided, at significantly lower cost and logistical hassle than at present.


In future, the situation will be more critical for regular retail stores to hold the consumer in competition with E-commerce/M-commerce.

To overcome the competition, retail store holder used, traditional advertising to tell people that your store exists, but, it is no longer effective. Today, people want open & transparent communication; today’s consumer is very much opinioned and only trusts brands that give transparency.

Talking of online quick Support and maintenance live chat platforms embossed its effect in the market. We already are seeing it trending in regular web applications.

“Don’t miss” mobile trends:

Before 2-3 years it was different, mobile traffic was just getting equivalent to desktop but now, more than half of traffic comes from mobile user which shows that, if you want to run a successful commerce business then it should be compatible with mobile or having a  Mobile app  can boost the business more effectively! And not doing so is simply ignoring your potential buyers.

It is predicted that around the world the number of smartphone user will cross the number of five billion by 2019. So ignoring trends of M-commerce can cause damage to your business.

The trends that will be flourishing this year will be established around technologies like  block chain, artificial intelligence and VR  Apart from this what can happen in the field of  Web application  is up to our imagination. Below I have mentioned some of the trends that can be the talk of 2018:

  • In the evolution of online shopping, other technologies with established presence like Voice assistants will be making large moves.

  • Consumer not only sees the comfort while buying the product in fact, the surrounding plays important role, in online shopping the appearance of your mobile app will impact on buyer, in which motion UI can help you to create really interactive user experience. This sophisticated motion UI will get populated soon!

  • There is large number of commerce companies will be in market to provide  Omni-channel Experience  Omni- channel Experience:  It is most pliable network in which large number of stores co-operates with each other. For example: If you buy a certain product online; and if the same product is available in nearby local store then you can pick it up from there!

  • Intelligent data  by support of AI can be used in the areas of pricing, personalization etc.

  • Connected  wearable  will create an altogether new technology market.

  • Mobile image recognition  may come around this year!

  • Enhancement in live chat platform  will help to create conversation with consumer.

  • Companies which will offer One click payment will be able to boost their revenues

  • Automation tools  which will help to gather cart-re- engagement and product reviews; will make their mark in 2018.

Honor of Mention:

Another noticeable thing happened on last weekend when, Amazon finally opened their high-tech store Amazon Go , located in Seattle to the public. The point of attraction of this store is that you don’t have to stand in the checkout line, you just need a Smartphone, Amazon Go App, and Amazon account; what else can be the future of M-commerce?


This article focus was to highlight the journey of commerce irrespective of the medium. And also introduces the trends to follow in the 2018. It is obvious that with continuous growth in commerce, M-Commerce  will capture the market very soon, on other hand it is; but it does not imply that other mode of commerce will be completely vanished!

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