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Game Development Company in india Game Development Company in india Game Development Company in india Game Development Company in india
Game Development Company in india

We are the newbie in the field of game development despite we have developed a fun game for the iOS, Android and for other platforms.

The hunger for learning something new is what introduced us to the world of game development.

Phaser game development


The game is advancement to Be-speedy specially designed for children where they can learn most important things; to concentrate and time management.

 2D Game Development companies in india


The game is specially designed for children that help them to focus on management of social skills, logical thinking and much more about surrounding things.

Game Technologies

What we do? Phaser is a cross-platform game development framework for both mobile and desktop games.

Technologies to create Game
unity 3D
Technology use for Phaser Game development
Technology used for 2D game Development
 Game Development technologies
2d games
Technology used for scripting
C# Scripting
Graphical game Development
Graphics design

Phaser Development Offers

It is a free software 2D game framework for making HTML5 games for desktop.

Easy to deploy

Easy to deploy and to play.

Support to 3rd party

Support for popular third party tools.

 Great game jams

Very easy to get started, great for game jams.

Documented Support

Well designed, documented and supported.

 Great Library

A great library and fun to work with.

Can access the code

you can access the code behind it and it's understandable.

Do you have scratch ?

Then let’s make it real !